The Business Development Caucus was founded by business owners who serve in the General Assembly.

Our Mission

To introduce and shepherd legislation that promotes entrepreneurship and job growth in the Commonwealth. To monitor and oppose legislation that is contrary to the those goals of the caucus.


Members of the Virginia General Assembly who are or have been business owners, entrepreneurs or employers who regularly make a payroll, and those who wish to promote the business owner as the key player in economic recovery and long term economic viability.


Statewide regional meetings with business leaders and key stakeholders in order to gather information and identify issues that need to be addressed legislatively. 2012 Round table events were be held in, Roanoke, Hampton Roads, Ashburn, Richmond, Culpeper, Danville, and were attended by nearly 150 business owners and leaders in those communities.

We asked one question:

What new law or regulation do you need to help your business, or what existing law or regulation needs to go away in order to help your business?

The BDC legislative agenda was developed based on the feedback we received.

During Session we meet every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am in the Speaker’s converence room on the 6th floor of the
General Assembly Building to review the legislation we are traking and to strategize success for the bills we support.

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